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RCM&E magazine – February 2011 
Plane Recovery. 
Every model flyer will find themselves looking up at their pride and joy firmly held between the branches of a tree at some time or another. 
Retrieval is a potentially hazardous task and one that seldom benifits the model, so this new device is very welcome. 
Its a 25ft extending telescopic pole in seven sections that will collapse down to just over one metre in length . 
It will easily fit into the boot of your car; is strong and and fitted with a hook and a nylon lasso which can be sliped over the tail or other part of a model. 
The branches can be vigorously shaken with the shaped hook to free your plane and the noose will prevent it crashing to the ground . Finally retrieval can be be made by simply lowering to the ground or collapsing one section at a time. 
With the users height added a reach of over 30ft can be easily attained - brilliant . 
Its made and sold by a model flyer called Dave Kiddy, costs £30 plus £6-95 p&p and you can order yours by calling him on 01803 214608 
"I have 4 acre paddock which I use to fly my model planes from. On one side this is flanked by a line of poplar trees, which are virtually impossible to climb. 
Flying my plan recently, I ran out of battery and drifted into the poplars and became stuck some 20ft up. Having virtually destroyed a previous plane getting it down, I decided to try your plane retriever which I had recently acquired, and frankly it couldn't have been easier. Extending the pole fully and slipping the noose over the tail with a couple of shakes the plane became free, and I simply lowered it to the ground without sustaining any further damage whatsoever. 
Thank you for providing such a well made and useful tool ." 
Yours Sincerely 
Lionel L. 
From Lionel L, Marldon, Devon 
A common problem for model rocket fliers is that our rockets can drift onto trees 
and other inaccessible places . The Aeroloop is an excellent tool for rescuing rockets. 
Its small , lightweight , strong and has a 30ft reach. Within an hour of buying mine at Woodsprings Air  
Show it had paid for itself by retrieving a high powered rocket from the river. 
Good luck and thanks for making such a useful product. 
Phil Charlesworth 
United Kingdom Rocketry Asssociation. 
The model aircraft was stuck so high and awkward in a tree that even a tree surgeon couldent reach it . But using my friends Aeroloop enabled him to reach out sideways about 20 feet and recover it successfully. This is the third rescue in as many weeks since my friend bought your wonderful tool , which we can highly reccomend. Many thanks . 
John Renard , Southampton. 
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